Guest tour of ”Felicia”

FELICIA PLAKATFor more than a year the Society for Animation and Development of Children’s Drama Creativity from Belgrade and Sharikompaniet from Stockholm work on projects that deal with problems of young people in the local context. Teams from Sweden and Serbia were exploring problems of young people growing up in unfavourable conditions and dysfunctional families. Based on our research and interviews with young people two monodramas were created: “Felicia” and “Petar”.
“Felicia” that came out of research done by Swedish team has inspired partners in Serbia to create monodrama “Petar”. Felicia lives in Sweden with a father who drinks too much. She is faced with stigma, feelings of loneliness as well as the major responsibility for the well-being of herself and her father. Felicia speaks about her struggle but also about her dreams and hopes for the future.

Moa (actor and creator) yearned to make theatre that could be present in the lives of young people. Anja (set & costume designer) sought to explore the democratic audience space and Shari (director and creator) dreamt of enabling a living dialogue between actor and audience.
After numerous performances in Sweden, monodrama “Felicia” in on a guest tour in Serbia:
on December 8th at 18:00 in Cultural center “Vuk” (Multimedijalna sala) and
on December 9th at 13:00 in Cultural center Pančevo (Izabinski proctor, 3rd floor)
Number of seats is limited. Simultaneous translation of the play: Vesna Stanišić.
Creative team of project FELICIA
Shari Sabel Strandmark (1986)
Director, producer, creator of the story. Director for theatre, short and documentary film. Awarded for her films and work on young women in Guatemala. Shari holds a BA in Politics and Philosophy at Uppsala University.
Moa Silén (1979)
Actor, creator of the story. Actor for the theatre and film, holds a BA from Swedish national university of Theatre (STDH). Currently, she is engaged at Uppsala Stadsteater.
Anja Ruehle (1973)
Set and costume designer, artist and industrial designer. Educated at the Swedish national university of Dramatic Arts (STDH). Anja works as an artist and designs set and costumes for theatre, dance and opera in Sweden and Germany.